Job/Task Planning

Do your employees understand how to safely and properly plan their work?  As we investigate good catches, near misses, incidents and accidents, one of the common contributing factors is lack of proper planning.  When planning is overlooked, safety, quality, and production will not succeed efficiently and effectively.  There are numerous safety planning resources, but they only work when properly implemented.  The more employees who are trained to competently utilize the planning program the more successful they will be at completing their work in a safe and timely manner.  When is the last time you trained your employees on your job/ task planning program?  Do they understand the benefits of proper implementation?  Don’t devalue proper job/task planning.  If you need support or help developing a job/task planning program or training and motivating employees to implement planning policies you already have in place, give us a call today.  


Weekly Safety Tip – Reflective Clothing

reflective clothing

This Nike ad is a perfect example of properly utilizing clothing to your advantage for safe walking, running, biking, or any other evening/night activity.  It’s never too early in the day to choose bright or reflective attire for your workout.  Stay safe!