Weekly Safety Tips

Weekly Safety Tip – Cleaners and Abrasives

GlovesAlways remember to wear the proper protective gear when working with cleaners and abrasives.  Simple equipment such as rubber gloves and surgical masks can prevent long term damage to your body inside and out.  Stay safe!

Weekly Safety Tips

Weekly Safety Tip – Signage

Signage is present for a purpose!  Too many needless accidents take place in the home and workplace every day because of ignored labels and signs.  Heed warnings, obey cautions, and stay safe!

Ladder Safety Tip

Weekly Safety Tips

Weekly Safety Tip – Hydration

Proper hydration helps keep your body cool, helps prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion, keeps your digestive system on track, and promotes cardiovascular health. Even on cloudy and cooler days it’s important to keep your water intake high. Drink up and be safe!

water bottle