Weekly Safety Tips

Weekly Safety Tip – Head Protection


Head Protection


Weekly Safety Tip – Reflective Clothing

reflective clothing

This Nike ad is a perfect example of properly utilizing clothing to your advantage for safe walking, running, biking, or any other evening/night activity.  It’s never too early in the day to choose bright or reflective attire for your workout.  Stay safe!

Weekly Safety Tips

Weekly Safety Tip – Bloodborne Pathogens

bloodborne pathogens

Tend to open wounds immediately.  Bloodborne pathogens carry diseases and spread infection.  Wear gloves to cover cuts and scrapes with antibiotic ointment and a clean, dry bandage. Stay safe!

Weekly Safety Tips

Weekly Safety Tip – Electronics


Water and electronics DO NOT mix, especially when there is a person in between. From hairdryers and straightness on the bathroom counter and using your cell phone in the tub to power tools plugged into outdoor outlets after it’s rained and taking a shower during a thunderstorm, avoid the combination at all costs! Stay safe!