Equipment Training

The Inspector’s Gadgets will send certified safety professionals to your job-sites who will meet all of your equipment training needs from large equipment to PPE training.

– aerial work platform

– articulating aerial work platform

– bucket truck operator

– confined space

– counterbalance forklift operator

– defensive driver

– earth mover operator

– excavation and trenching competent person

– executive, manager, and front line supervisor safety training

– fall protection

– lock out/tag out procedures

– qualified rigger

– rough terrain forklift operator

– scaffolding competent person

– scissor lift operator

Program Development

We provide classes in which we teach your managers how to more efficiently and effectively develop and implement a safety program that promotes a safety culture throughout the company. We will help your safety department meet government standards, prepare your managers and employees with emergency protocols and policies, and more importantly, proactively protect your employees by reducing the number of incidents, accidents, and injuries in the workplace.

– chemical storage and facility inspection

– corporate safety data review

– equipment inspections

– emergency and ergonomic policy development

– generation and maintenance of safety culture

– generation of work permits

– incident and Worker’s Compensation supervision including reduction and settlement of claims

– incident investigation programs

– PPE reviews

– program development, implementation, review, assessment, and communication

– rigging and crane audits

– risk assessment

– safety meeting training, topics, and newsletters

– safety incentives

– safety orientation

– SDS organization and configuration

Professional Training

Our professionals are certified to train your employees in proactive procedures and medical attention that could save someone’s life on the jobsite. Knowing these basic skills and being trained in pertinent life-saving techniques helps management to remain calm and in control of precarious situations during times of split-second decision making.

– AHA development

– behavioral based safety

– CPR, AED, and First Aid


– drug testing

– electrical safety

– emergency, fire safety, and evacuation procedures


– fall protection


– heat stress training

– IH air monitoring

– occupational noise exposure


– NFPA 70E

– OSHA 10 and 30 hour training

– Respirable Crystalline Silica

– respirator fit testing

– spill response training


The Inspector’s Gadgets provides certified professionals who are passionate about workplace safety and eager to assist your company in the development of a proactive safety culture for the benefit of your employees. Our staff is ready to come alongside your company to help you keep your managers and employees safe in their work environment. We focus on building relationships to promote understanding and teamwork in order to integrate quality policies and procedures. You help yourself by allowing us to help you.

– construction professionals

– engineers

– field employees

– front line managers

– office personnel

– project managers

– quality control inspectors and managers

– safety professionals, directors, and managers

– skilled tradesmen

Safety Motivational Speeches

The Inspector’s Gadgets will provide your employees, supervisors, management and executives with the motivation, enlightenment and awareness to improve the success of safety in your organization.  Our mission is to help your program succeed, and our motivational speeches will infuse your safety program with renewed enthusiasm.  If you want to strengthen your employees engagement in the company’s safety program, contact us for a detailed description of the service.




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